Print types

The Printing is very important as it gives life, utility  and enhancement  the product that is produced. For this reason, BIO BOLSA constantly  investigates and tests the latest technological developments in this field, so that BIO BOLSA can present to your clients all the possible options.

Screen o serigraphy: It is the most widely used technique because of cost and versatility, you can make prints from one ink or many colors, however, the latter in particular, is not the best application.

Digital Printing: The principal fortitude are the polychromes, it is made on white substrates  and it has the best definition.

Transfer: It is a relatively new technique, It allows high definition in the printing, however it is high cost and is only used for few units.

Sublimation: It is a technique to allow the material to acquire color and a specific design,  previously imprinted on a special sheet, the substrate must have the characteristic to contain polyester. The same as the transfer it is used for few units, due to the cost, but its definition and quality is very high.

Embroidery:It is a process completely different from the previous, however it allows the product to have a higher quality finish and durability.