Products are manufactured in more than 30 materials such as Codra, canvas, Taffeta, Mesh, Vinyl, Tool, Organza, Satin, Oxford, Waterproof and other natural and synthetic materials, but the materials used are Cotton Canvas, Jute and Fabric not woven, which are better described below.

CANVAS COTTON: It is a fabric made entirely from virgin cotton that makes a textile fiber 100% Natural and Biodegradable. One of the main features is its distinctive color, Crude, which allows any printing or embroidering highlight and contrasts very well.           

JUTE: It is also called "The Golden Fibre". Jute is a 100% natural textile fiber and vegetable aesthetic properties that give a touch of craftsmanship and peculiar slang. It has multiple presentations given by their textures, fabrics and colors.

NONWOVEN FABRIC: This fabric is composed of polypropylene, and it has several advantages: ng allergic, 70% waterproof, antistatic and non-toxic. Also comes in over 18 colors and different weights (thicknesses) according to the purpose of the product. Currently is the most used material because of its low cost.