Tips to contribute to the Environment

Our planet is going through a difficult time, every minute the rivers, forests, streets are being polluting, this causes the disappearance of many species, and declining natural resources.

Day not breathing is not possible, this is due to lack of culture, conscience and education; that's why we want to present to you some tips to contribute to our planet.

1. You can use the sunlight, and not use electric light

2. Please, Just use the necessary amount of water when you shower, brusher, wash the dishes or do any domestic work.

3. You may use our BIOBAGS, to decrease the consumption of plastic bags.

4. Don't throw garbage in to the street.

5. Walk or cycle, Driving is one of the biggest causes of pollution. Walk or use your bike if the journey is a short one.

6. When you receive email, it does not require printing. You may avoid the sheets.

7. You can organize the garbage, for example: paper, plastic, organic, glass, every one separately

8. If you like the mobile phone and use it, you may try to connect just the time necessary

9. if you have pets, you must collect its stools, and put in the correct place, it avoid diseases

10. if you go out with your family and friends on tour, you must not ignite bonfires. you can avoid  global warming.